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According to a recent study conducted by the Harvard Business School , 95 percent of new businesses fail. This is a statistic that many of us have probably heard. Perhaps the Harvard researchers who conducted that study have less patience when it comes to the difficulties of starting a new business, for the 95 percent to which the statistic refers are not businesses that close their doors, but businesses that fail to meet their own preestablished goals.

Contrary to the above Harvard Business School Study, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 70 percent of new businesses survive at least two years, and 49 percent make it beyond five years. While this statistic should be far more encouraging to start up entrepreneurs than those revealed by the pessimistic Harvard Study, the fact remains that the majority of new businesses close their doors inside of five years.

It is safe to assume that there has never been an entrepreneur whose goal was to succeed for only five years, ten years, or fifteen years. Most are optimists who envision unlimited success. In order to succeed in business, entrepreneurs must have the drive, ambition, and determination to overcome the obstacles that all new businesses face. This requires innovative thinking and the resilience to adapt to changing situations and conditions. The most successful start up entrepreneurs of today realize that the internet is crucial to their success. For this reason, search engine optimization and SEO strategies are becoming fundamental to their marketing plans from the get go.

First time business owners can learn a lot from some basic website SEO tips; and there are plenty of excellent blogs and websites that offer free search engine optimization guides. The information available through these resources can range from the best SEO tips for beginners to more advanced local SEO tips. If a business owner would rather hire a professional SEO company, they will be able to make more informed investment decisions by consulting some general website SEO tips. This will enable them to understand what they need before contacting an SEO consulting firm.

Starting a new business has always been challenging; and although the internet offers innovative entrepreneurs more opportunity than ever before, its complexity requires at least a basic, working knowledge of SEO. Whether a small business plans on attempting SEO in house, or enlisting the services of a professional SEO firm, it is always in their best interest to gain some general knowledge via basic website SEO tips.

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